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If you are in the pharma or life sciences sector and see Insulcheck as a product you could work with, we’d love to hear from you. Most likely you will be as passionate about helping people with diabetes as we are and you will already be offering products or services to help them manage their condition

We are currently developing our sales and distribution channels and early market entry can offer you many clear benefits.

Why become an InsulCheck partner?

  • Be among the first to offer this add-on which will help people with diabetes. This new product will give patients with diabetes safety and certainty in treating their condition. Here, there exists a marketing opportunity that can boost insulin and related sales. InsulCheck will have no change or impact on their existing pens.
  • It is a very useful option for the large audience of existing pen users and newly diagnosed diabetics too. Many of whom may already be within your target demographic.
  • In the future, we expect future versions with added functionality which will help patients with diabetes even further. Become an InsulCheck provider from the beginning and appreciate the change this will bring to diabetics worldwide.

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