InsulCheck and Your Pen

Simple to attach, InsulCheck requires no set up and arrives ready to turn your existing insulin pen into a smart pen that confirms and clearly displays the elapsed time since last injection. Eliminating doubt and helping you avoid the dangers of double or missed injections.

Available now for just €25.00

Insulcheck is specially designed to fit each of our supported insulin pens. To ensure you purchase the correct InsulCheck you will need to identify the make and model of the Insulin pen with which it is to be used.   
If you are not sure of your pen visit our supported pens page.

If you have any question and would prefer to talk to one of our Customer support staff or simply to order over the phone please call +353 (0)1 901 0243

  • InsulCheck for Lilly® Pens
  • InsulCheck for Novo Nordisk® Pens
  • InsulCheck for Sanofi Aventis®

Designed for insulin pen users who control their condition through multiple injections InsulCheck supports all major disposable and re-usable pens and comes with our total satisfaction guarantee 
In addition, if you change your pen to another of our supported models our free exchange promise will ensure you can 
continue to use InsulCheck with your new pen.

Please note: InsulCheck requires a minimum dosage to operate successfully with some pen models. For more details visit our supported pens page.