What people are saying about InsulCheck

  • After years of potentially missed/double injections, I can now be confident that I have the correct injection when I need it.
  • It is what I have been waiting for peace of mind.
  • It's so easy to forget now I have safety.
  • Takes the worry out of injecting regularly
  • It not only tells me if I've done my injection, but also how long ago. This is helping me to regulate my meal times and therefore my food intake.
  • The reassurance and removal of doubt.
  • I like the security it gives me to know that I have not over dosed
  • Knowing what I have done. BRILLIANT
  • It's a practical and simple device and answers a real need for Type 1 patients.
  • It is neat and "it does what it says on the tin". Very helpful
  •  Simplicity of use

Our customers along with diabetic medical and care teams understand the difference InsulCheck can make. Read more:

"A huge thank you for the two InsulChecks which arrived by post last weekend.  My son Michael (aged 10) had both of them up and running in no time and loves the idea of a new gadget.  He uses the disposable Flexpens - NovoRapid and Levemir.   As the Levemir is a 24 hour pen, Michael is now more accurate with the timing of his injection.  The timer on the NovoRapid pen means that we don't have to take a note of times in my diary anymore"

Agnes, mum with diabetic son from Kingston Upon Thames, London UK


"Living with diabetes is not easy and those who require insulin to manage their condition often live with the worry of a missed or accidental double injection. Diabetes Ireland believe that with the right help, advice and support, there is no reason why all those with diabetes cannot live life to the full. So we welcome InsulCheck as an exciting new device that is helping insulin pen users confidently manage their diabetes regardless of their lifestyle"

Kieran O'Leary Chief Executive, Diabetes Ireland

"I found the InsulCheck to be remarkably simple to fit to my two insulin pens. I inject 5 times per day . Of all the benefits it brings to me, I would single out that I find the certainty it gives me to be most beneficial. In the past, I would actually skip an injection rather than take a risk that I had already injected. While that would be a safe route to follow, it was not good for my long term health. Now I just check the display and react accordingly. InsulCheck is a great simple addition that will improve my overall control.

Ned, Chief Executive of Local Authority (retired) 

“Until Insulcheck came along, a day didn’t go by without worrying about double injecting.  Gives me great peace-of-mind altogether”

Tom, Dublin

“Insulcheck is a product I’m happy to recommend. The risk of double injecting is significant for people with diabetes of all ages.”

Dr  Murphy, Cork

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