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For insulin pen users

InsulCheck Classic helps insulin pen users keep track of their last injection.


The smart accessory clips on to your existing insulin pen and automatically starts counting the time since the last injection.


Whilst hospitalised for a hypo-glycaemic event, triggered by an accidental double dose of insulin, John’s mind began working on the problem that had nearly cost him his life. How could he help those like himself? An innovation was born there and then.

InsulCheck is an accessory that removes the doubt for insulin pen users while offering their care team an extra level of security. People with diabetes and their families can now enjoy peace-of-mind like never before.

Julianne H.

An invaluable device if like me you can't always remember whether or not you've taken your injection.


Hugh D.

I lead a very busy life but since I started using Insulcheck, I have all round better control of my diabetes.

Sam H.

Such a useful piece of kit and a fantastic company... I would never hesitate buying from them again!


All New Design

Re-engineered to be more robust and reliable.

User-Replaceable Battery

Extend the life of InsulCheck when needed.

Temperature Warning

Notifies user if the device has been exposed to extreme high/low temps.

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