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I am not sure how many of my readers are into apps, and new and innovative ways to “make life easier” when living with diabetes. However I am well aware that many new devices, such as the InsulCheck device, are becoming more and more popular amongst physicians, nurses and patients alike. Many of these new age methods for controlling, or recording various aspects of diabetes, are certainly helping for better diabetes management. These aids are increasing patient health and well being, as well as providing detailed patient information, resulting in much better treatment from doctors and nurses.

The most recent item I have been very impressed with, has been the “Diabetes Tracker” app, available for android and smartphone, and is a product of Diabetes UK. I think this is a must have for any person serious about managing their diabetes, as it is a free App. This is a huge bonus in any light because one less expense is great. Also, despite being a free app, it is not filled with annoying pop up advertisements, so it does not become frustrating or annoying to use.

Once on the main page, you have 5 clear sections on the bottom to choose what you wish get from the App. The first and second section is a display of weekly and daily graphs depicting any of the data you recorded, which shows an interactive view of your progress. The Third section offers an area to record the information, and to create these graphs, and to store information on your blood glucose. It also records when you tested basal insulin, bolus insulin, ketones, Carbs, Calories, weight management, and some general comment areas for you to note your physical/emotional feelings with suspected Hyper and Hypo events. All of this is broken into easy to use sections, that with just a few minutes filling in, stores all your information which can be later shown to your doctor or nurse at your next appointment.

The fourth section can save some important information such as doctor’s information, your medical information, and essential checks you should carry out on a regular basis. This can help you remember important people and appointments. Finally section five is a very helpful section on how to use the entire App. Its easy to use and well displayed, so it is practical for people of all ages and level of device skills.

If you ever have any questions, or wish to just keep up to date on the latest work, follow me on Twitter @DeanMinnock

By Dean Minnock.

Physiologist at InsulCheck

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