Using Your InsulCheck

Your InsulCheck device comes in 2 parts:


A timer device containing electronics and sensors.


A pen specific part that attaches to your insulin pen.

Quick start guide

Quick start guide

Fitting Instructions

Fitting your InsulCheck is done in 4 easy steps:

Align the Sleeve

Make sure you have the appropriate sleeve for your pen. Align the sleeve window with the pen dosage window. 

Mount the Sleeve

Ensure the sleeve is orientated correctly. Push and rotate the sleeve until it locks to the pen dosage window.

Activate the Timer

To activate your timer, slide the battery cover and remove the plastic strip. The display will light up and flash.

Attach the Timer

Align the timer and slide it on to the sleeve until it is fully mounted. Press the release button while sliding.


Additional Indicators

Under certain conditions your InsulCheck may display the following warnings:


Please change the battery.

High Temperature

The device has been exposed to high temperatures.

Low Temperature

The device has been exposed to cold temperatures.


Device Removal

Removing your InsulCheck is done in 3 easy steps:

Press Release Button

Press and hold the release button at the side of the timer.


Pull firmly in the direction shown and the timer will slide off.

Pull Sleeve

To remove the sleeve, grasp and pull it upwards from the pen.


Changing Battery

If the display is faint / the LED is dim / LED does not blink, the battery may be flat. The recommended battery is a 3.0V CR1225 button cell or equivalent.

Remove Cover

Slide the battery cover off.

Insert NewBattery

Ensure the + symbol is facing up.

Close Lid

Slide the battery cover back on.


Download the original manual that came with your version of InsulCheck: