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The Full Story

InsulCheck is a product born from personal experience. Co-founder John Hughes is insulin dependent and collapsed in a public park following a double injection of insulin. His hypo-glycaemic coma taught him a harsh lesson in diabetes management. This is a threat that 50 million insulin pen users worldwide live with every day. The story of InsulCheck is John’s story.

A Near-fatal Double Dose

John’s experience will be one recognised by people with diabetes and their families everywhere. After dinner one evening, he took the dog for a walk and forgetting about his pre-dinner injection, he injected again.

It was only when his wife went out looking for him that he was found in the local park, unconscious and in a coma. He vividly remembers the shock of waking up in a park on a wet September evening, with badly bruised knees and his wife and an inquisitive German Shepherd standing over him.


The Awakening

After recovering in hospital, he realised there must be a technology solution to what is essentially a straightforward problem. As a person with diabetes, he lived with this anxiety and uncertainty every day and he decided that there had to be a way of eradicating it.


John's professional career saw him immersed in the technology sector, having held numerous senior roles in Irish technology start ups. He also had years of experience in dealing with his condition while maintaining both his busy career and his role of husband and father to five children.

"...unconscious and in a coma..."
Automated Record Keeping

He realised then, that it came down to information. Keeping a record of the time you last injected means you‘ll have the information you need to be able to avoid double injecting or know if you missed one, allowing you to catch up – if needs be. When initial thoughts turned to design, it was agreed that InsulCheck must work automatically with all insulin pens, be easy-to-use, very readable, light to carry and discreet.


Finding Peace of Mind

Peace-of-mind is a powerful emotion. Knowing for certain when you last injected, removes any anxiety or doubt you might feel and puts you safely back in control.


InsulCheck is a solution for people with diabetes that was conceived and designed by a fellow type 1 diabetic. From today, double injecting need no longer be a worry for people with diabetes worldwide.

"Knowing for certain when you last injected, removes any anxiety or doubt..."
"...conceived and designed by a fellow type 1 diabetic."

About the Founders

John Hughes
Managing Director

John started his 35 year working career as a Teacher before completing his BSc in Computer Science at Trinity College. He has held a number of senior technical and business management roles for major computer manufacturer and software companies. He founded one of Ireland’s first IT Training Companies and later built a successful software development company.


John was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 15 years ago and since then has been dedicated to helping develop solutions for people like himself.

William Cirillo 
Technical Director

William has a strong technical background with a Degree in Applied Physics and over 25 years experience in R&D, Academic, Financial and Manufacturing environments. His expertise lies in design, production and project management of custom and generic software. He is also experienced in electronic and mechanical design.


As Technical Director, he oversees production and has responsibility for the design and development of new products.

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