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Insulin Cooling Cases

Something that has been capturing my attention over the past number of weeks has been the FRIO insulin cooling case. I must admit I am very impressed with it. Although it is unlikely, if any of you don’t know what insulin cooling cases are, then simply put, it is any case that keeps insulin at a recommended temperature (15-25 degrees Celsius). I recently had a discussion on Twitter with a number of insulin users who were considering buying new cooling cases. As usual a debate ensued regarding the “best” model, as well as most efficient, reasonably priced and the most practical for daily living.

In my opinion I feel the FRIO cooling case scores high enough to take top spot for me. In terms of practicality the FRIO cooling wallet comes in a range of shapes and sizes, which can account for entire insulin kits, to single and double pen-holders. The FRIO wallets come in rage of colours to suit any personal taste and preference, something that can become an essential component when buying for children. FRIO takes it for me also in terms of affordability, with the vast majority of their products coming in at under €30.

The marketing of the FRIO cases is also second to none. When you do a general search for any insulin travel/cooling cases FRIO seems to return the majority of the searches. So in the interest of continuing the debate from my twitter account, which case do you use if any? Why did you choose that certain case? What are your opinions on the case and would you recommend it or suggest try a different case?

If you ever have any questions, or wish to just keep up to date on the latest work, then follow me on Twitter @DeanMinnock

By Dean Minnock.

Physiologist at InsulCheck

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